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Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol used to represent Interconnection. I craft Trees using wire and crystals for various uses - from Earrings to Wall Hangings.  Click to see what's in my shop or send me an email for a custom request.   Free Shipping!

Crystal Intention Gifts

A Seeker by nature, I love to find ways to incorporate crystals in to our environment.  Using genuine crystals and stones, I craft different items with specific and focused intention towards various themes.  Items created include jewelry, wall hangings, suncatchers, art sculptures, and more.  Custom requests accepted.


A teacher by Heart, I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge so that others can learn and grow.  Through social media, newsletters, workshops, and events I strive to share my experiences, knowledge gained throughout the years, and all around positivity with the community and those who wish to receive. 

​Nurturing Spirits with Crystalline Energy

Crystal Energy Healing

Crystals help balance the energy centers of the body – called Chakras – by way of their geometrically perfect crystalline structures. When our energetic body is balanced, it helps to pave the way for our physical and mental bodies to accept and promote healing.

Signature Crystal Session

This signature crystal energy session is an hour long and includes energy clearing, Chakra balancing, Elemental Reiki, and an intuitive reading. Afterwards a full report of the session is emailed.  Recommended for first time clients.