Becky Hane is an energy worker certified in Crystal Healing and Usui Reiki II.  She is currently studying for certification as an Advanced Crystal Master through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.  

She is fascinated by and has been studying metaphysical paths since childhood. Raised by nature loving parents, she developed at very young age a profound connection to the natural world. This deep connection to Nature has translated into her healing sessions in a way that she uses a blend of Source and Elemental Energies to assist with the natural healing properties of crystals.  Becky is also trained in Priestess work and an Elder in the Earth Spiritualist community of Temple Tir na Nog.

In addition to crystals and energy healing, Becky is also an amateur nature photographer and loves taking walks with the intention of capturing beautiful scenes with her camera.  Her favorite time of day is right before dusk, during the "golden hour" when the setting sun bathes everything in golden light.

Nurture Spirit, like many things, began as a dream.  I wanted to create something that I could use as a portal to share what I had learned so far in my Journey, to serve as inspiration and a starting point for others.  When I began working with crystals, I knew immediately what avenue I wanted to take. I began crafting items incorporating crystals that I could hang or wear and benefit from their energy in my space, and eventually manifested this into an online store space.  I use the term "Energy Artist" to describe my role in this facet as I take needs from people and intuitively decide which crystals to use for the desired effect based on the energy, and craft them into an item that can either be worn or displayed.
When I became certified as a Crystal Healer, Nurture Spirit evolved into both Energy Artistry and Energy Work.  I'd been doing energy work for about a year prior, and the addition of crystals in to the sessions in a more focused and prominent manner provided a profound energy healing experience.  Each session I complete I learn and grow from, and my clients are taken blissfully away into Sacred Healing Space. 
Nurture Spirit today is a place where my love of all things crystalline can be created and shared. ♥

About the Energy Artist

  • Completed by a Certified Crystal Healer.
  • Clothing on, minimal contact.
  • ​Extremely relaxing & deeply peaceful; many fall asleep.​
  • Rejuvenating & Restoring - clears the energy body of blocks; fills with pure energy & healing intention.

"Everything is Energy and that's all there is to it..." ~ Albert Einstein

Crystal healing assists us in all areas since energetic imbalances can end up manifesting as physical ailments or emotional issues.  Crystals are also extremely beneficially to anyone interested in energy balancing, as they really require no special skills to use.  A crystal healer can facilitate the healing process by providing Sacred Space, intuitive assistance, specialized knowledge regarding the specifics on crystals, and of course, the crystals :-), but the secret of crystal healing lies within the crystals themselves.  Their perfect geometric structures create a low rate of entropy - a measure of disorder and  - and as "like attracts like", when a crystal is placed on a Chakra Center, the energy of the Chakra will naturally seek to sync up to the much more stable energy of the crystal.

What are the benefits?

A crystal healing session is incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, creating an opportunity for deep soul learning, healing, and spiritual growth while in Sacred Space.  Crystal therapy is a clothing on-minimal contact method of energy healing.  If your session includes Reiki, you will be given the option of hands-on or hands-hovering for this part of the treatment.

In my crystal sessions you will be either laying on a massage table or the floor, cozy with pillow and blankets.  I will help you relax through a quick guided meditation.  During the session if you are not asleep, you will feel me placing crystals on the seven main Chakra points.  After the initial balancing session is completed, I may go back and place more crystals on Chakras that need additional attention.  Aside from the physical sensation of having the crystals placed on you, what you may feel after that is entirely unique.  I've had people fall into an incredibly deep and relaxing sleep, others have felt the energy being moved as I work, some have had images and revelations, others have seen colors... all experiences are positive and are special for You.  Sometimes all that is needed is to take the time out for yourself, and no other experience other than deep relaxation is had.

What can I expect during a Crystal Healing session?

About Nurture Spirit

Crystal Healing is a vibrational based energy healing modality that involves placing specially selected crystals on and around the body to assist with realignment of energetic frequencies and removal of emotional and energetic blocks.  ​​Crystals are powerful energetic tools whose properties have been recognized and utilized in healing and energetic work for thousands of years.  

The healing properties of crystals can also be utilized via Gem Waters (charging water with intention and specially selected crystals), creating Crystal Grids, and by having them in your space (keeping them in your pocket or wearing on a necklace, for example).

What exactly is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing by Nurture Spirit is....